General questions

MAG stands for MIFE Access Gateway and is a purpose built portal that allows SMEs and developers to access MIFE's plethora of API services.
Click on the Registration button on the top right, fill in and submit the registration form.
If the 'Submit' button is disabled, it indicates that you have yet to complete all the necessary fields.
Just drop us an email at We will assist you with your queries.
You can reset your password by using the forgot password feature at


MOBILE MASK is GUI based product that allows users to make use of MIFE’s Voice API without having to write any actual code. The self service allows users to register and purchase voice packages that allow number masking to occur..
Yes you can. There is a trial package that comes with 30 free minutes and 30 days worth of free validity.
A MOBILE MASK account contains one single reserved fixed line number. This fixed line number is permanently locked to a MOBILE MASK account as long as the account is active. You can purchase multiple MOBILE MASK accounts and hence have multipled fixed line numbers that potentially point to a single mobile phone number.
There is currently no hard limit. You can purchase as many accounts as you want. This is of course subject to fair use.
Your account will be suspended for 7 days. During this suspension period, you will not be able to receive calls on the masked number. After the suspension period is over, your account will be permanently disabled.